China Vision

HKU has built upon its mission of providing students with a comprehensive learning experience. Through different in-class learning activities, HKU students would be able to develop a proactive mindset and critical thinking skills while enriching their academic knowledge. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to go beyond the walls of the university and acquire rich experiences in a different cultural context or learning environment.

The China Vision programmes provide a wide range of opportunities for HKU students to reach out for more off-campus learning experience in Mainland China. Students not only travel to metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai to feel the developmental dynamics, but also set their footprints in remote and rural areas to gain insightful understanding of pressing social issues, such as poverty, environmental protection, public health education, etc. Over the years, China Vision has sent more than 10,000 students to the Mainland in collaboration with over 100 local partners including universities, government, NOGs and enterprises. Students could have extensive exposure to China through participating in cultural visits, field studies, semester-based exchanges, service learning, research, summer school and so on. 

More information can be found on China Vision website.