Professional Development Programme

The University of Hong Kong Professional Development Programme is an important development project of the China Affairs Office. The programme is jointly offered by various departments in the University and many professional organizations, with the aim to provide middle to senior management executives of Mainland and overseas government departments, educational institutions and enterprises, as well as professionals, with "tailor-made" short-term training courses. With a equal emphasis on theory and practice, programmes are mainly divided into two parts, viz. lectures and site visits. HKU professors or specialists of the relevant fields in Hong Kong are invited to give in-depth lectures on the topics concerned, which will at the same time be coordinated with on-site visits to relevant government departments, industrial and commercial enterprises and organizations.

Programme Tailoring

The programme contents are specifically designed according to the particular needs of the training groups. Therefore, the content and duration will be different among the programmes. It has high flexibility to ensure catering to the unique needs of different groups. In addition to regular lecture, the programmes are also combined with different learning modes, such as site visit, group discussion and workshop, etc., so as to enable trainees to master knowledge at various levels and have a comprehensive learning.

Quality Teachers

HKU insists on appointing academic staffs with abundant teaching and rich research experiences in its faculties or departments to be programme teachers, so as to ensure high quality of teaching. Furthermore, in accordance with the contents of relevant programmes, specialist professionals in key positions of the government departments or enterprises concerned will be invited to give lessons at HKU and share their experiences and exchange their knowledge.

Wide-reaching Network

HKU is in close contact with local government departments, public and private enterprises, having cooperated with them as partners of long standing in jointly organizing many seminars and academic exchange activities. Programme participants will have the opportunities not only for site visits to major public and private sector organizations, but also for meeting and interflow with dignitaries in industry, business and politics in Hong Kong.

Well Equipped Facilities

The classrooms in HKU are well equipped, with air-conditioning, overhead projector and slide projector, to facilitate teachers in using multi-media education technology. Besides, participants are able to access internet via WIFI within campus, in order to conduct any course related work.

Attentive Service

Our HKU staff are all experienced in project training arrangement, in particular well versed in the needs of Mainland and overseas participants coming to Hong Kong. Hence we can provide one-stop training service comprehensively, including tailor-made course content, transport and accommodation arrangements, visits to government organizations and business entities, etc.

Certificate of Attendance

Each programme participant will, upon the completion of the professional development programme, be issued with a certificate of attendance from HKU to confirm his/her attendance.


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