Application for Entry for Study

For Mainland Students


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Important Notes

  1. Mainland students are required to obtain a visa/entry permit from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD) for the purpose of studying in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong). 
    *All UG programmes, TPG programmes and Short-term programmes (including Exchange programmes, Summer programmes and Visiting programmes) are inclusive.
  2. Students who are failed to obtain a valid student visa/entry permit and use travel visa or travel “Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao”(EEP)【往来港澳通行证】(附有個人游(G)/團體游(L)簽注) to participate in any classes, tutorials and other academic-related activities will be regarded as illegal.
  3. An applicant of such a student visa to Hong Kong for study purpose is required to nominate a local sponsor. Mainland students who will enter Hong Kong directly from Mainland China should request the China Affairs Office (CAO) to be their visa sponsor.
    *Non-local students with nationalities other than China, research postgraduate students, or  chinese nationals with residency in overseas, should request the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) to be their visa sponsor.
    Please refer to CEDARS website for relevant application details.

  4. Applicants with a Conditional Admission Offer are also strongly advised to apply for entry for study as soon as he/she has received the offer. Applicants are able to submit the Firm Admission Offer Letter/Email copy to CAO later when he/she receives such firm offer confirmation.
  5. Upon a visa/entry permit granted by ImmD, the visa/entry permit label is to be collected by CAO for onward transmission to the applicant. However, the visa/entry permit label will ONLY be sent to the applicant after he/she has submitted a copy of the signed Firm Admission Offer Letter to CAO.
  6. Besides the visa/entry permit label, applicants should apply for an EEP and a relevant exit endorsement 【相關赴港簽注D】from the Public Security Bureau 【備存其戶口登記的公安局】where his/her household registration is kept. This procedure will take approximately 2 weeks. All applicants MUST follow this procedure and entry into Hong Kong must be directly from Mainland China in order to activate his/her student visa.
  7. To submit an application for entry for study, applicants should register a new account via the Online Visa Application System and must fulfill the application requirements as set out. Applicants are able to check their application progress in the online application system. Please Click Here to download the user guide of the System.

Application Procedure

  • Step 1

    Applicant receives the Firm Admission Offer Letter/Conditional Admission Offer Letter from the Faculty

  • Step 2

    Applicant prepares the application documents and submits online application via Online Application System

  • Step 3

    Applicant sends the set of completed application hardcopy documents to the
    China Affair Office (CAO)


    Step 4

    CAO receives and processes the hardcopy of application documents

  • Step 5

    CAO submits the application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD)


    Step 6

    The ImmD processes and approves the application


    Step 7

    CAO collects the visa/entry permit label and sends back to the applicant by courier

  • Step 8

    Applicant receives the visa/entry permit label and applies for the “Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao” (EEP) and the relevant exit endorsement


    Step 9

    Applicant enters Hong Kong with the EEP, visa/entry permit label and the relevant exit endorsement

Processing Time

  1. The processing of application for Entry for Study in Hong Kong will take 10 weeks. The applicant is strongly advised to submit the application as soon as he/she has received either the Firm Admission Offer or the Conditional Admission Offer from HKU.
  2. After the receipt of a visa/entry permit label, the applicant should reserve approximately 2 weeks to apply an EEP and relevant exit endorsement.

Duration of Stay

  1. New Visa Application – A first-time applicant applying for a visa for entry of study in Hong Kong
  2. The duration of stay in Hong Kong should be the same as the period shown on the Admission Offer Letter. In normal situation, ImmD will grant the length of stay with the normal duration of study programme, subject to a maximum period of 6 years.
  3. Full time undergraduate or taught postgraduate students are advised to enter Hong Kong not more than 2 weeks before the programme commencement date for registration and/or participation in the University's orientation activities. 
  4. Part-time students and short term programme students, including visiting programme, summer programme and exchange programme, should comply with the duration of stay as granted by ImmD and leave Hong Kong immediately and return to Mainland China after completion of the study programme in HKU.

Application Fee

The application for entry for study in Hong Kong requires an non-refundable application fee of HK$990. An applicant ONLY settle the fee by using the online credit card payment platform (Visa, Mastercard or China Unionpay).

List of Documents Required

  1. Application for Entry for Study in Hong Kong Form (ID 995A) (Download Here) (Sample Form);
    • Print page 1 - 4 on A4 white paper. Ensure the barcode is clearly shown at the bottom of each page.
    • Complete and submit all columns on page 1 - 4 only (except part 3 on Page 2).
    • Sign on every page as required on the bottom right corner. Please note that digital signature and electronic typing are not allowed on the signature space.
    • Affix one recent original photo according to the instruction shown on page 2. Printed photo is NOT acceptable.
    • CAO will not process and sponsor dependent visa application. Applicant may arrange visa(s) for his/her accompanying dependant(s) separately. For details, please refer to the Application for Residence as Dependants and Guidebook on ImmD website (Click Here).
  2. Student Visa Sponsorship Form – For Application for Entry for Study in Hong Kong (Download Here) (Sample Form);
    *If you are full-time student, including summer / exchange student, you DO NOT need to complete page 5-6 of the sponsorship form.
  3. Letter of Guardian Nomination and Birth Certificate copy (If the applicant is under the age of 18) (Download Here)(Sample Form);
    • Upload the Letter of Guardian Nomination with the attached Birth Certificate;
    • The Hong Kong Identity Card of the authorized guardian is required if applicable.
  4. A photocopy of Firm Admission Offer Letter or Conditional Admission Offer Letter from HKU and signed reply slip;
  5. A photocopy of PRC Identity Card;
  6. A photocopy of Census Record 【常住人口登記】;
  7. A photocopy of financial proof;
    • ImmD is strict about the financial documents. Applicant must show to have an ability to afford the costs of education and living expenses in Hong Kong. To establish the evidence of financial resources, applicant should submit one of, or a combination of the following:
      • (1) Proof of liquid assets;
        • Up-to-date bank records (bank statements or passbook or bankbook), and/or a personal certificate of saving/fixed deposit of your own/financial sponsor with a bank stamp.
        • Please note the wealth management products are not acceptable.
      • (2) Tax receipts, salary slips and employment letters;
      • (3) Award letter of financial aid or scholarship.
        • Please note that the financial aid and scholarship with conditional terms are not acceptable. 
    • There is no minimum requirement of the deposit amount. According to experience, applicant should possess around RMB 100,000 - 150,000 for full-time studies. However, this amount is for applicant's reference only. The final approval should be made by ImmD.
    • ImmD will not accept any on-line/website printed version of banking statement as the financial proof.
  8. A photocopy of Census Record of applicant’s financial sponsor (If applicant has a financial sponsor);
  9. Part-time Programme details (If the applicant is a part-time student);
    • It should at least include the following points: (1) Teaching timetable, and (2) Course description
  10. Academic certificate (If the applicant is a part-time student);
  11. Letter from the applicant’s employer supporting his/her study (If applicant is a part-time student).


  1. CAO will not be responsible for financial and any other loss arise from application failure or delay due to incorrect information or documents provided by the applicant.
  2. All content in the website may be updated at any time without prior notice.

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